In denxpert you can create users with the ability to login and use the system, and persons who cannot login but you need to add them to the system for any reason (e.g. put someone on a document as a responsible person).

Step 1: Go to BASE > People and select New

Step 2: Add user details on the New person form

  • The email address provided here will be the user's login email address.


Step 3: Set up Access rights and user settings

This step is necessary only if you want to provide access permit to the user. 

  • Password must be 8-15 characters. It has to contain numbers, small and capital letters of the English alphabet. It cannot contain accented or special characters.
  • Software rights: select the roles you want to assign to the user. To customize the roles, go to Software rights. For more details, see our article: How to manage my team's access?
  • Organizational structure rights: by default every user can see the whole organization. Here you can limit the user's access to specific organization units.

Step 4: Personalize notifications

  • By default all available notification is turned on for every new user. If you would like to fine tune the Notification settings, select Edit notifications in the User list. For more details, check this article: How to manage my team's access?