Access rights and user settings are managed in BASE > People and Software rights. This article is about managing the access rights and settings of users in your team. If you want to create new users, please check this article: How to set up a new user? 

To modify other user's settings, you need access to BASE > People management functions. If you need help, please contact your denxpert administrator.


How to manage the software rights of a user?

In denxpert user rights can be personalized based on software roles and organization structure access.

A Software role is a set of user access settings which can be assigned to one or more user. Currently one role can contain access settings for one module. To grant access for more modules, assign more roles for a user.

By default every user has access to the whole organization. With Organization structure rights you can limit a user's access to one or more organization units.

Assigning software roles

Step 1: Go to BASE > People, and open a user

Step 2: On the Software usage panel at Software rights select the roles you want to assign to the user

  • Assign a role to the user for each module you want to enable.

For more details about customizing software roles, please read Customizing Software roles below.

Limiting Organization structure rights

Step 1: Go to BASE > People, and open a user

Step 2: On the Software usage panel at Organizational structure rights select Limited right and select the organization units you want to limit the user

Customizing Software roles 

Under Software rights you can configure the details of the software roles and what permissions they grant for the assigned users.

Step 1: Go to BASE > Software rights, and select New

Step 2: Add a name and select the module you wish to create the role for, in the Module selector

Step 3: On the Menu and Functions panel set the permissions you want to grant for the role

  • On the Menu panel you can set access type on menu point level, this defines how the specific page will appear to the assigned user.
  • For certain modules additional Function rights are also available, these settings define how specific features will work through the module for the assigned user.

Step 4: Once everything is set, select Save

On the Software right surface you can see who are assigned to the role and edit the assigned users. The changes you make here will also appear at the software right settings of the affected users.

Every user has access only to the roles of those modules for which that user has access to.


How to manage the notifications of my colleagues?

By default all available notification is turned on for every user. If you would like to fine tune the Notification settings, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to BASE > People, and select a user

Step 2: Select Edit notifications in the toolbar

Step 3: Update the user's notification settings on the Notifications form


How do I reset a password for my colleagues?

Step 1: Go to BASE > People, and open the user

Step 2: Under Software usage turn on the Set new password switch

Step 3: Enter the new password and select Save

Step 4: The new password is now set, the old password is disabled

Password must be 8-15 characters, has to contain numbers, small and capital letters of the English alphabet. Cannot contain accended or special characters.

How Access permit and Active user status work?

For more details about access permit and active/inactive users, please check this article: How to set up access permit and activate users?