In denxpert you can set up various email notifications for different features.

Setting up your notifications

By default all available notification is turned on for every user. 

If you would like to fine tune your Notifications, go to your Profile menu and select Notifications in the popup menu. In the Notification list you see all available notification based on your access rights.

For more details about managing your team members' notifications, check this article: How to manage my team's access?

Notification types 

The different modules and features have their own notification options. In Notification list you see all available option for you, based on your access rigths.

Email notification 

Most of our notifications are email notification, these can be immediate emails and weekly summary emails. For more details about the content of each notification, check the description in the Notification list.

System notification

We are introducing System notifications to make all information available within the system, in the Notification center. In the first round task notifications will be available. More details coming soon...