Assign tasks to various items throughout denxpert...

In denxpert you can add task to many different element, e.g. to an implication in LEGAL, to a Fill of a form in FORMS, or to an audit event in AUDIT, etc. These tasks belong to the item where they have been created and represent a todo or action connecting to that item.

Look for the Add task button to create a task for the corresponding item. At the same place you can check the existing active tasks for the same item.

...or create standalone tasks in Home.

In the Tasks list under HOME, you can create standalone tasks to manage any action, independently from other parts of the system. These tasks work the same way as tasks connected to an object, but they appear only in the task list.

How to create a task?

Step 1: Go to HOME > Tasks and select New

Step 2: Choose a Responsible person, add a Title, Due date and Location

Step 3: Optionally, fill other information as you need

Step 4: Save the task

A képen szöveg, képernyőkép, szám, szoftver látható

Automatikusan generált leírás

How to reassign a task?

Step 1: Open an existing task

Step 2: Modify the selected user or add a new one at Responsible field

Step 3: Save the task

Recurring tasks

In case of a todo that occurs on a scheduled basis, use the recurring task feature of denxpert.

Once you set up a recurring task, the system will always show the next upcoming occasion of the repetition. When the current occasion is set to done, or its due date pass, the next occasion will appear automatically, according to the current repetition settings.

This means that you will always see only the tasks that are currently due.

How to create reccuring tasks?

Step 1: Create a new task or open an existing one

Step 2: Turn on the Set repeat option

Step 3: Set the repetition settings on the appearing panel

In case of monthly, quarterly or yearly frequency, the repetition day will be the day of the Deadline.

How to stop the repetition of a task?

Step 1: Open the latest occasion of the recurring task

Step 2: Turn off the Set repeat option

Step 3: No more occasion will be created when you mark the task as Done

Task notifications

How to set notifications for your tasks?

Step 1: Go to your Profile settings in the upper right corner

Step 2: Select Notifications

Step 3: In the Notification window set which notifications you wish to receive