Once all relevant legislation is selected you can start compliance assessment on your site. Open the legislation and scroll down to implications. Here you will find questions where you can log your compliance with 4 answers: 

  • Yes (Green) – your site is compliant
  • No (Red) – your site is not compliant
  • In progress (Yellow) – you are working on to comply
  • Not relevant (White/No color)– this particular implication is not relevant for your site.

All answer you give is tracked in the Comments and History box, where you also can leave comments. If you wish to clear your answer, you can do it by clicking on ‘Clear answer’ right below the answers.

At each implication, you can create a new task to implement compliance. To see more details of the Tasks menu please see Create a new task article. There is also an option to attach a document to each implication.

Listing options in the Tasks menu

Please note that you have 2 listing option as a standard user and an additional one if you have management rights.  You can find these listing options in the Tasks menu in the top right corner. The first option lists your tasks that due in the next 2 weeks. With the second option, you can list all your tasks with any status. The third management option lists all your, and your colleagues’ tasks with any status.

More articles on the Tasks menu

Please find further useful articles on the Tasks menu following the links below: