Access permit

Access permit defines if a user has the right to login into denxpert, or was added to the system for administrative purposes only.

Many times a person does not have to access the system, but must be added to the user list in order to set as responsible or put onto a document. You can create these persons by turning off the Access permit switch on the User form. 

To set up software rights, password, and email notifications for a user, access permit has to be enabled.

Only users with access permit AND in active status are counted into the user number of the license. You can create as many person without access permit as you like.

Enable Access permit 

  1. Go to BASE > People, and open a user. 
  2. On the Software usage panel turn on Access permit switch to enable access to the system. 

Further access right settings, like user rights, login password and email notifications will be available if Access permit is on. 

Active persons

Active user is one who actively working at your company. If a colleague leaves the company or goes to a leave for a longer period, you can set the user's access to inactive.

Inactive user is unable to login into the system and will not appear in user selectors (e.g. it can't be selected as responsible person, or assign task to it). If the colleague returns into active duty, you can activate the user again and it continues to operate as it was, without any further action. 

Activate/Inactivate a user

  1. Go to BASE > People and open a user. 
  2. On the General panel turn on/off the Active switch to set the user active/inactive. 

A user can login and use the system only if it is in active status AND access permit is granted at the same time.